The Toymaker.


Occasionally you happen across something on the internet that kind of wow’s you and so it was with The Toymaker, not least because of this utterly charming little introduction to her site by  artist  Marilyn Scott Waters…

  to my odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes,

  and bags, origami and ephemera… all for you to make.

  goal is to help grownups and kids spend time together making things.

  It is my wish to amuse and delight.



How wonderful is that?

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  1. Oh, oh, ohh, spooky once again! This is one of my most favourite sites! I make the tea bag envelopes a lot. Drop Marilyn an email, she is a real sweetie! Glad you are feeling perkier- gorgeous pics of you and Finley!

  2. Ive loved this site for few years . I just wish Id known of it when my girls were in infant school because they loved things like this.
    Keep up the lovely links Alison
    Your work is a ray of sunshine in our lives

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