The Trolley Dolley

By Alison November 8, 2008 1 Min Read



Occasionally I get to feeling a little jaded by the world of retail, whether it be supermarket or craft stall, it sometimes feels like it’s all just the same old same old in a new shade of pink…

And then along come’s the Trolley Dolley and makes the world seem spanking new all over again. A little bag that hooks on to your trolley and contains all the bags you need to go shopping for the rest of your life? Fabulous! Room for all the paraphernalia you drag to the shops, including purse, phone, keys and shopping list? Wonderful! Available in a range of both snazzy and understated prints? Even better!And a third off the price in the run up to Christmas so you can convert all the Vintage Housekeepers you know into Trolley Dollies on Christmas Day? A festive dream!

Learn more here, then get yourself one and never again shuffle away fro the till in green tinged shame when you have to request a plastic bag or twenty five…

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