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  1. Does the trial membership allow us to only the Floral blog or will we also be able to participate in the forum? I began a trial membership and was hoping to sample the forum as well as the blog, but it seems I cannot enter the forum.
    Thanks in advance for the help/clarification! xx

    1. Hi Carina, for security reasons the forum uses a separate login, so yes you are absolutely welcome to participate in the forum but you will need to set up an account with a forum username on the forum page.
      Hope this helps!x

      1. Thank you, Alison! At the risk of sounding completely technically challenged, how do I get onto the forum page in order to set up a forum account. When I click on the “polka forum” tab, it says one must register to access the forum and sends me to the page to purchase membership. What am I doing wrong?

        1. Well that’s a funny business isn’t it? I have made a little change and hopefully you should now be able to sign in now? Technology!

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