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  1. What a georgous piece from George. I had tears in my eyes as I imagined two little boys curled up in a big bed trying to keep warm. What a talented family you have Alison ! Look forward to hearing more from Dad. Lovely memories. Well Done !

  2. George you're such a gem … and I can see where the May girls get their talents!!! I loved reading this. Thank you so much to dear ol' Dad. (I can hear my own Dad saying 'hey, easy on the old'…I abbreviated it for you so it doesn't hurt so much).

  3. What a beautiful, evocative piece of writing! I really look forward to more stories in the coming weeks. This makes me think, that no matter how poor a family is in monetary terms, as long as it is rich in love, everything is just fine.

  4. Oh, by the way, one of my favourite smells is the residual smell that onions leave on your hands for days after cutting them … because when I was little we had no tv where we lived (technology hadn't yet come to far north queensland!) and, as my Mum would read to us each night, she'd stroke my hair and I guess the onion smell was on her loving hands. To this day, that's a favourite smell. Bizarre huh?

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