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  1. This has got to be the most amazing post I have read in such a long while.  It touched my heart strings and took me to places I had long forgotten.  You have such a way with words, you never cease to amaze me.  Thank you for always being so honest and frank with your emotions.  Your blog always stirs up something in me daily.

  2. Beautiful, opaque writing m' dear! I sure wonder what's stewing in your curly, little head! Hope that cup of worry went down smoothly and that the twinkly rhinestones on the driveway soothed some of it away.

  3. Lovely little Allison.  I popped over today to read this post as well as others…  I can remember when Brocante Home was the first and only blog I'd ever heard of…  and my dear, you still are the mistress of the heart's language.  I loved this.  Although I could no more carry my son downstairs than lift my end of the Brooklyn Bridge, (he's 28 and 6'5")…  I understand and recall that joy.  My life feels so at ends and misses right now, but then I look back at what I had before I moved in here with Mother and I realize I'm one of those girls who's never been satisfied, never content for long…  fearful as you mention in this post of losing it…  then I did…  then I up and gave a lot of it away on my own…  and then…  here I am….  wondering if I could possibly. .. just possibly, get a bit of it back now and then..???  Love you there in England SO much!

  4. Off topic… as The Waiting Room is in line for rumination after I've dealt with today's Trash or Treasure.
    I had a strong light illuminate a mental corner a couple of weeks ago and it came out as "It's all my Mum's fault as she gave away my Marvel Comics 47 years ago when we moved house: that's why I hang on to everything." I think it's time to let that belief go after this amount of time. Ooh, and examine the "if I can't do it right, I won't do it at all…" as that's been keeping clutter in for a while.
    Meanwhile, I'll go to ponder on today's post… Thanks, chuck!

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