The World of Interiors.

By Alison February 14, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Is it me or is there something divinely serene about the room on the cover of this months "The World of Interiors"?

Why can’t I do simple? Why do I fill every wall, every flat surface with stuff and nonsense? Why, when every part of me aches to be allowed to sit in calm, do I go out of my way to create chaos?

Know what I think? I think I might be scared that I would get it wrong. That I would not be able to disguise the flaws in my scheme with another cushion, too many throws or another rug.

That you might see me for what I am.

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  1. Ella says:

    I try to do minimalist. It doesn't always work. And as you say, nothing can be hidden.
    But I also no longer worry if people see me for who I am (even though I probably should!).

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