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  1. Alison, I have been meaning to ask you this for an age. Where do you get all your wonderful images for this site? Google Images is useful, but I'd love to start my own collection. Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. Dear Alison, you're only human!
    And don't forget: Jesus loves you very, very much and wants you to come to Him and lay your burden on Him so that He can help you! He's doing it for me and I'm just like you, maybe even worse?!
    Take heart & care dear, I'll be praying & thinking of you and your lovely little boy!

  3. Well, I am glad that you are feeling lighter now that you've expressed your worries! I could worry for Britain, if they made it an Olympic sport, so I sympathise.
    But I just wanted to say… What's so good about being normal? What is 'normal' anyway? And imagine if you were still the person you were ten years ago – wouldn't that be weird? Wouldn't that mean that every experience you've had in the last ten years had had no effect on you? You still have dreams – isn't that what's important, rather than that they're still the same?
    I know, I know, I'm lecturing – sorry!

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