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  1. What a great and wonderful list! I want to know how in the world you even begin to tell your bra size by dipping your breasts in a bowl of water!
    I agree – snobbery is the worst form of social deviance!

  2. I agree with most, but this one is special to me ๐Ÿ™‚
    81. Secondhand bookshops are tiny corners of heaven on earth.
    Also, deciding to be happy. It works most of the time!

  3. Oh, Alison-
    I do so love your lists….thank you.
    74. Even mean people are sad under their skin. There is always an explanation. A reason.
    -I especially needed to hear that one today.
    I wish there were more people like you. Actually, I think there ARE, but we're always so stuck in these shells we live in. I want to try to ferret out the good stuff in folks….I wish our shells were more transparent. It would make things infinitely easier AND harder. It's hard to be so….yourself. But you do a lovely job of it!

  4. Gosh yes – come and live next door to me too!!! We need a little village to house us all don't we??? A kind of Port Merion (Prisoner) for vintage housekeepers!!! We would all laugh over the same things over tea and jelly lips and not feel kind of 'kooky'……

  5. 23. Eligible batchelors over the age of 35 are eligible for a very good reason or ten. Trust me: I've endured them all.
    … and I've endured the rest! Cheers, chuck!

  6. Absolutely perfect list!
    What I know for sure? I need to stop looking at your sidebars… I bought one of the eBay items there… Buying something just for MYSELF at Christmas time… The nerve!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I wept when I read:
    68. People only pretend to like Christmas Pudding
    Dear beloved Alison, I fear you have been given bad pud. No one should ever have to suffer through bad pud. I must assure you that I do not slave over bad pud. My Christmas pudding is sublime as evidenced by how quickly it disappears every Christmas. Perhaps the rum hard sauce has something to do with it?

  8. What a wonderful list I laughed out loud when I read no. 16 my daughter who was sitting nearby thinks I've gone mad. :o)I've always known God has a sense of humor. I also need to stop looking at the side bar. I bought the most delightful quilt. It's lovely and very pretty and feels wonderful. I've enjoyed cuddling up even more.

  9. Loved your whole list and I stand in awe of your writing powers and skills! The one and only thing I know for sure is that 5 minutes after I let my cat outside, he's gonna want back in … and vice versa.

  10. Here's one to add:
    102. My fans suffer severe withdrawal symptoms when I don't post every day.
    Reading your blog is part of my morning ritual. Hurry back with more, please. Though I must admit I've read your list several times now, and I get more out of it each time. Love the way your mind works!

  11. -paracetamol ?- I had to look this one up because I feared you were taking hard drugs. Paracetamol is what we USA folks call Tylenol. I personally prefer Excedrin with its caffeine.

  12. Oh my goodness! I can't sleep next to people who breathe either…which makes staying alive throughout the night difficult for my hubby. I just stumbled upon your blog and already feel as though I know you. Thanks for a great read from the Piney Woods of East Texas.

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