Things I Love

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

After a recommendation from a beloved reader, I am life-long convert to this soothing balm for my hormonally challenged skin. A gloriously fragranced, daily luxury.

Propelling Pencils

I am NEVER without a propelling pencil (there’s often one holding my hair up!), because they are just right for everything from journalling, to doodling and everything in-between. I love them.

Violet Creams

One perfect Violet Creme is my very own daily indulgence and these are the finest budget choice.

A BrocanteHome must-have.

The Velvetiser

Of all the things I didn’t know I needed the Hotel Chocolat is my favourite luxury must have, turning the simplest of cocoa suppers into a little piece of heaven and whipping up the cosiest of coffees in a jiffy.

The Weighted Blanket

I’m not exaggerating when I say that weighted blankets changed my life because they finally allowed me to sleep without restless legs sending me insane. I wouldn’t go to bed without it in the depths of Winter

Kindle Fire HD 10

Now five years old, it would be true to say that my oversized Kindle Fire is my best friend: and from accessing the local library to watching films it makes the most joyous of good pals.