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  1. Oh Alison, thre will always, always be some women for whom being strong is a step too far. To misquote totally, some are born strong and some have strength thrust upon them. For those of us who have to learn strength (and I talk as someone who was a total wimp and had to become strong), it can be a lonely, rocky road sometimes. Stay strong, hun. There's light at the end of it and those arms that love you will always be there. 😉

  2. I was reading along just fine until I came to this: "they take your hand and say yes, but not everybody is as strong as you and look at you sympathetically as if strength was the cross you have to bear. As if strength was the one quality most liable to isolate you from the cosy ranks of female comradeship." OH! You put into words the exact feeling I have had. I could go on and on about this, but I won't. You summed it up. Thank you for that.

  3. I feel your pain, in my own way. It seems that these are difficult times for a lot of people. I'm still trying to figure my own mind out – unsuccessfully so far, unfortunately.

  4. OMG Alison. You have just hit the nail on the head of just why I too seem to spend an awful lot of my life feeling 'discombobulated' or different from most people through my life………….and I could never put my finger on why? how? It is that innate strength you see! It seems, in fact, to discombobulate others! I assumed everyone had it, but have learned over the years that in fact not many people do, not in the same way, and it's somehow threatening to them??? I have had my mother, sister, female friends do EXACTLY as you describe, break it to 'poor me' gently that I really should consider my strength being the problem. Neither men nor women can pigeon hole me, can relate to me, so I'm 'difficult'. The funniest thing is though, who does everyone come to and rely on in a crisis?! When life needs spelling out in black and white, not procrastinating in endless shades of grey………
    Oh my goodness, how I understand!!!! xxx

  5. Don't bite your lip, Alison. Say what you feel. If others cannot relate…who cares? You are living your life, experiencing your feelings, and no one can invalidate those things which you feel need to be said. Even if you think those things are coming from a discombobulated place in you right now. I think most people feel off kilter more often than not, but they try to smother and hide it and end up being even more miserable for it. You'll get through this.

  6. Discombobulated – I love that word. It explains so many things in a neat little package without the need to explain further. And it explains, so often, my state of mind as well. What is the cure to discombobulation? Do share if you find it.

    1. Oh Stephanie I listened too and I love her! She's now on my ipods most wanted list and up for a mention on Brocante. Yay for big bums and lines like "I'm the only part of you that you don't see…!"

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