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  1. And I cannot imagine a life without you! you are such an inspiration to so many,I love you dearly,keep on doing what you are doing dear Alison,you give so much,the rewards will surely break down your door when they arrive as they will one hundredfold! xxx

  2. I just loved this post Alison 😉 I always love reading your words but these just spoke to me. You should be proud, of your blog, your business, your life and everyone in it x

  3. this is me nodding my head vigorously (up and down, up and down) saying, yes…yes…yes. you're story sounds so much like mine that i almost got teary reading this.
    some people don't get it. but on a night when it's quiet and you look through the last few years of your life and see how much you've grown and changed and all the sweet spots that came and went. ahhh, there is nothing like it.
    i said just the other day on my Facebook page: sometimes when i get down on my life, i look through all my photographs and remember how much i love this little life i've created for myself. i am so glad i picked up a camera.
    it's true.
    looking forward to more of your beautiful goodness.
    My recent post 100/365

  4. This post makes me so happy! We all feel a little like that… life is up and down, happy and sad, clean and dirty, I am glad you share yours with us…

  5. Alison, I want you to know that I look for your post every day. I love how you seem to put my thoughts and emotions into legible form. In me they seem to just run amok and bump into each other until I am exhausted and bewildered. You have your finger on the pulse of women and the talent and clearness of heart to give us all the colors we don't know how to use. See, I'm rambling, but I know what I mean at least! Thank you for taking the steps into the void to give voice to your thoughts and ours. I appreciate even your "darker" days. Love,Amanda

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