This Morning

By Alison April 9, 2011 6 Comments 1 Min Read

It is Saturday. I have one hundred things to do and yet here I am, coffee and orange shortbread in hand, doing nothing. Sitting in two cardigans in the garden, typing with my laptop on my knee.
Because sometimes it is nice to just be.
I fear I will miss this when Richard lives here. This silence. Richard, man of action. Me, barely willing to move at all: content to listen to the voices in my head and watch the laundry flutter on the line.
But move I must because today I am in charge of the chickens at number thirty one. Today I have to join the thronging masses in the clothes shops, see girls shopping with curlers in their hair, fake eyelashes fluttering like so many spiders on their eyelids. Today my sister is home and the boys will play and we will all place bets on the Grand National and I will sit with my head in my hands because I cannot bear to watch the horses fall over. Cannot bear not to win.
But now I must go move the shoes this family abandons in every corner of the house. Blow out my hyacinth scented morning candle.
Now I must wash my coffee cup and start the day.
How precious these hours are to me now.


  1. Victoria says:

    You are so like me, I love just sitting at home pottering with the laptop! My friend and I were due to meet at 1030 this morning but when I hadn't heard from him at 930am I knew he'd overslept and I wasn't going to phone and wake him because I could happily laze about until he woke!… Speaking of which he is awake now and I should be getting ready!!!
    Victoria xx

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oh me too, me too Victoria… here I am back at my computer when I should be getting dressed… Oooh and Honey, happy Birthday for yesterday! Have a lovely day.x

  2. melissa says:

    I understand your love of quiet. My husband is one of those "busy" men and me….I could just sit and read and putter ALL the time. 'Course nothing gets done as quickly as when he's in charge, but it's definitely more restful when I am. Sending you my sympathies. Must be a situation of opposites attracting, do you think?

  3. Daja says:

    I love Saturdays that start slow and lovely like that.

  4. Claire says:

    I've been enjoying your posts for a little while. All of them sure, but this one just speaks so well. It just speaks.
    Thank you for sharing this piece of you.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am sure that since these quiet times are part of what makes you the woman that he loves, he will be more than happy to slow down on one weekend morning and you will be more than happy to speed up (oh so gently) on one weekend morning. At least that's they way it works in the fantasy land in my head.

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