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  1. Wih new, bright, light bulbs I bet it isn’t too long before the paint brushes come out 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that the healing continues.

  2. I can not survive in dim lighting. My mother in law lives with dim lighting and seems to always be sad in her own house. When I spend anytime there I too feel myself slowly succumbing to sadness, feeling a bit like a mushroom in the dark. Our new house has a “Florida room” and lots and lots of glorious sunlight. Our dogs are absolutely in heaven now with warm, snuggly patches of sun to bask in during the afternoon.
    As I am approaching 50, I can’t read or see to do any sewing or crafting if the light is dim. I don’t subscribe to most home decorating ideas but I do follow the “ever room should have 3 points of light” rule. Perhaps I was a basking lizard in a past life…. 🙂
    Barb, the light lover.

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