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By Alison January 28, 2010 No Comments 1 Min Read

Hello Sweetie Pies, just a quick note before I crawl into bed after a day jam-packed with writing and ironing and shopping in preparation for taking a few days off to spend the weekend at my little sister’s house in Witney with Richard and Finn.
Though I am thoroughly exhausted , I’ve had such a lovely week, made truly scrumptious by all your (often fascinating!) contributions to The Great Tea-Towel Debate, and topped off with the news that BrocanteHome was The Dorset Cereals Little Blog winner for December which has really rather made my day!
I will be back on Monday, raring to go with preparations for The Seasonal Scrub, and in the meantime I leave you with a gorgeous vintage advertisement for a glorious collection of Oriental American novelties just because it is plain old fabulous (Click the image to take a closer look at the prism-ed chandelier!), and should you feel like popping by again tomorrow afternoon, the second in the series of Housekeepers Question Time will be up, begging a question liable to leave many a book lover a-shuddering…
Have a lovely weekend Housekeepers!

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