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  1. I utterly adore it! I have a hard time with change, I find something I love and I want it to stay the same. But this is just beautiful! Thank you

    1. Though the temptation to re-invent the wheel was very definitely there Mimi, I tried to focus on making the site more useable this time round… though clearly the size of the text in these comment boxes is still a work in progress!! I'm on it…x
      My recent post Time To Grow

  2. What a nice treat to see you e-mail announcement. I hurried right over and I love what you've done with the place. You sure brightened up a cruddy Monday. Thanks loads! Sally

    1. Dear lovely Sally, thank you so much for taking the time to pop in… it's so lovely to see some of the longest of my virtual acquaintances here. I'm so glad you like it.x
      My recent post Time To Grow

    1. I've got to say Chrissie this two weeks have flown by at this end: I broke the site altogether on Saturday and thought Brocantehome would be no more! But things are never quite as disastrous as they seem to be when you are up against a deadline are they??
      So glad you like it.x
      My recent post Time To Grow

  3. Oh I likey! I'm pleased you didn't scrap the polka dots that I love to fill my screen with and the layout looks fab but most of all I'm just pleased to have you back with your honest and thought provoking words x
    My recent post A Ripple Update

    1. I didn't dare do away with the polka dots this time round Terrie, the last time I did that it was rather like coming home to someone else's house every time I visited Brocante…
      My recent post Time To Grow

  4. It looks lovely Alison, well done! And I'm so glad that those of us without a web presence can comment again. Best of luck with brocante's future!

    1. Ooh now then, what do you mean? Would Livefyre not let you comment if you didn't have a url to share?? Oh gosh I'm so sorry!
      But lovely to read your voice again… if that makes any sense at all!x
      My recent post Time To Grow

  5. I love it! I've been quite quiet online of late (you know me, always disappearing!) but I've been checking in! I might have squeed out loud a little when I received your e-mail. I was in class. And utterly unembarrassed! Here's to the next 8 years!

  6. I love it Alison! You've done a beautiful job. I'm so glad you're back, I've missed reading what you have to say xx

    1. Oh you Darling! Lovely to see you here and oh so jealous of that trip to Strasbourg, it looks wonderful… I really must venture further than the next town along soon…x
      My recent post Time To Grow

    1. I do so like finding my Twittery friends in my comment box too, thank you for all the supportive love you send my way Shirley, it is very much appreciated.x
      My recent post Time To Grow

  7. Lovely looks and feel! I am so glad that we like a clean house in all areas of our lives.
    Only one thing….the print color you have chosen makes it very difficult to read others comments.
    Blessings to your new year.

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