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  1. RUBBISH! I loved all things vintage from the time I was a leetle girl…before I was aware of the outside world. While it is becoming more popular "now" the true blue vintage lovers will stay because for us it is NOT a trend! It's IN DEEP!

  2. Oh for goodness sakes! I grew up with all these "vintage surroundings" and have kept them with me… my Nana's things, things my Mom handed down to me when I married… my sense of "vintage" is timeless. If it's timeless, it's forever! Not a trend!

  3. what a lot of crock ! like Amy, I have been surrounded by vintage for ever. When I was a little girl, it was out of necessity and as I grew older it was because of my love for that safe haven of home and family. Yes, trying to recapture those wonderful days for my own family.
    when something is 'in' you always get those who jump on the bandwagon …until the next 'in' look comes and off they go.
    However, I do believe alot of people are 'into' vintage for that exact reason that is stated…to return to something safe and comforting

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