Tiny Joys.

By Alison June 12, 2006 12 Comments 1 Min Read


I have a new house phone. When it rings it plays a jazz tune I love but can’t identify. I like it so much I’ve been ringing myself from handset to handset.  And when other people ring me  I go into minor rhapsody…

In the whole scheme of things phones that sing happy tunes don’t really matter, but it is I suppose, a teeny tiny step on the road to independance, to the acknowledgement of who I am, what makes me smile and how I will bit by bit make this house my own…

The funny thing is, until now I am really not sure that I knew that that me was being suffocated. That me would never, ever have thrown a jazz singing phone into her shopping trolley at Tesco….

Who know’s what I’ll do next? Have a nice day Housekeepers…


  1. mum says:

    alison you are a star! you will go from strength to strength I promise, jazz singing phone and all.

  2. Gena King says:

    And so say all of us!!! The best is yet to come for you Alison,this is only part of your story,many,many wonderful things will be ahead for you xx

  3. janet says:

    yes, sounds like i have a similar telephone. it's great!

  4. ms*robyn says:

    so here is your authentic self – shining for the world to see – you go girl!!

  5. Josee says:

    I don't know what you'll discover next, but I can't wait to find out! Its always nice to discover new things about ourselves. Enjoy the journey!!

  6. This post made me happy. Good for you!

  7. Fortiesbaby says:

    Alison…that tune you can't identify..could it be 'I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair'..?
    Just a thought..!
    It was lovely to see and hear you and Fin having fun with your friends on yesterdays post.
    Your teeny tiny steps will soon become strides !!

  8. Kim says:

    I can't wait to see what you'll do next! 🙂
    Also, loved the video of the kids…so charming & you sounded just like I thought you would (does anyone really sound like those 1940s movies??)

  9. Teri M. says:

    Ooo, may we hear?
    I have no doubt that whatever you do next will be fabulous. I don't think you can even help yourself – it's like your super power!
    I was trawling eBay yesterday (in the never ending quest to feed my vintage photo/ephemera addiction) and put that postcard album on my watch list!

  10. julie says:

    Good for you, Ali…so many wonderful little joys will see you through this…you will come out strong and happy!

  11. paula says:

    I am so happy for you. This is the way to live.

  12. Mindy says:

    Way to go Alison!!! Sounds like your moving forward and getting stronger everyday!! Good news indeed!!!! xo

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