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  1. Oh how I long for a room that doesn’t “suffocate my thoughts”, air that doesn’t suck away my motivation, and perhaps just a moment that will bolster my spirit with hope. <3
    Beautiful as always.

  2. Odd how one can still physically be in a place and have “moved on” emotionally and mentally. I think it is also true of relationships.

  3. That meal sounds amazing, both the pasties and that salad. Are there recipes online somewhere you can direct us to (or a cookbook if that’s where they are to be found)?

  4. Your mushroom pasties sound yummy. Too bad you couldn’t send me one via the USB ports in our computers. 🙂
    Oh dear, Richard getting released? When? I hope he doesn’t cause you any problems.

  5. Richard getting released? Did I miss something? When was he locked up?
    Sorry to be so nosy – I just feel like I know you by now, and I worry…

  6. Richard being “released” and come looking for you????? Oh my word. Please help me understand this. This is haunting my day.

  7. What a lovely picture. I just want to tune that radio to classic fm and climb into that bed with hot chocolate and a hot water bottle……

  8. Hi ladies!
    I’ve some exciting news to share…this week I have started working for Alison as her virtual assistant, to free up some extra writing time for her. I’m just going to share something here, so that she doesn’t have to.
    The situation with a Richard was very serious and distressing, and as she mentioned, did indeed lead to a custodial sentence for him. Alison has been torn between wanting to share some of what happened here so you can understand some of what has gone on, but at the same time really wants to keep Brocante Home the happy and lovely place it has always been, and doesn’t want to let Richard pollute it.
    I’m taking the initiative on posting this, I hope you don’t mind Alison – but wanted to save you having to think too much about Richard.

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