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  1. I have been out of the loop of your life for a bit (while I delt with my own loopy life) But oh how wonderful to start reading you again and seeing how happy you are! You so deserve this Alison. I have been reading you for ten years or so and how my heart would break at every rotten turn of events for you. I wish you nothing but peace and harmony in your new digs and for all to stay blissful.Much love from my old home to your new one.
    Hugs, Lynn.

  2. I with you on ordinary days. When life has been disrupted, there is nothing quite like getting back to ordinary!!! It is sweet to the soul! I enjoy how you have the gift of expressing what so many feel.

    1. Hello my Darling! Alfie has gone to live with my Dad at Helens. He is happy as larry with two other dogs to play with so though I am gutted to not be able to have him here, I’m thrilled that he is having such a lovely time.x

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