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  1. Not just me, then? I have been hunting for Fenjal for years! Ever since my beloved mother died in 2009… why did I never think of Amazon???

    1. I love it Gill… I can buy it in Boots here and they do a whole range including deodorant. Its blissful.x

      1. I’ve looked in Boots around the south/southwest as well as independent chemists who claim to never have heard of it! Quite the mystery! I was convinced it must have ceased production! But now it’s winging its way to me “direct from Germany” …who knew? I’d have put money on it being British?

  2. I guess I’m middle-aged too then. I’ve never been one to sleep in past 7:30, but I’m now capable of sleeping till past 9 with no trouble.
    I’ve never had a Scotch egg and would love to try one. My daughter and I keep meaning to make a few…

  3. Your posts – usually read while eating breakfast – always have me putting down my spoon to pay full attention to them. I re-read them throughout the day. Such delicious writing. Thank you.

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