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  1. Alison, I moved 1500 miles from home shortly after graduating from high school and a few years later, got married and then had children. Long story short, my parents would drive down to visit and bring some of my "stuff" I'd left behind. Then when my grandparents passed away, they brought me some of their stuff as well (caned chairs, antique sewing machine, dishes, 2 twin bed frames, and other various items). Then my father passed away and then my mother decided to downsize and move into a small, 2-bedroom condo. The family home was a 3 bedroom upstairs and 2 bedrooms in the basement. And the attic was full (I know, because I emptied it out for her!) This last time, an 8×5' trailer was used to bring many more items back to Texas.
    The thing was that a year before my dad died, both my 16 yr old son and my 39 yr old brother committed suicide (2 separate incidents) and my world fell apart. I was able to "fake" my way through life for about 2 years before totally losing it and checking myself into a hospital due to severe depression. I was in no shape to sort through things from the last trip, and most of the other things from the previous trips had been stored in the attic. Two years later, I checked myself back into the hospital, more depressed than ever. That second time of hospitalization was in Oct 2005. I am still recovering, thanks in large part to God, as well as finding the correct medicine (after a number of tries!)
    I am still overwhelmed by the huge volume of stuff in each room of my home. I refuse to allow anyone I know into my home. Yes, I would step outside in the pouring rain to speak to someone if it came to that, rather than allow them to see the mess.
    Now to the good stuff – my son married less than 2 weeks ago and I am to be a grandmother. It all happened so fast, that I just couldn't get the right room ready for my mother, so she shared a bed with me, while my husband slept on the couch. But at least I made some headway, which is great for me. I now have time to finish clearing the room my husband said would be best for a guest room (or room for the baby to stay in when he – yes, it's a boy! – comes for a visit!)
    I know that I won't be able to clean out the whole house in the time given, but if I get just one room cleared out, painted, & decorated with your Program, then what a success it will be! I can't wait!
    Leslie Anne
    P.S. Sorry for rambling on so, but I'm so excited for any help!

    1. Leslie Anne,I logged on to comment to Alison and I read this,I feel like weeping,you have had the worst time ever,I know a little of how you feel,I had a family member take his own life too,but I absolutely applaud you for moving forward and its wonderful news that a new life is coming into your family! I am going to join this one also,before the clutter in here threatens to take over! infact today I am going to photograph ten items that I dont want and put them on ebay! sending you hugs and lets both see if we can make some room!!!! xxx

  2. Thank you Alison! I need this! It is my dining room that is the problem,it has become a dumping ground and I have had several attempts to de clutter,but it just ends up the same,I know open the door,look in,close the door and walk away! not good.xx

  3. Your timing is indeed serendipitous for me too Alison! We have just sold our house, so I'm now in the process of facing sorting out 12 years of 'stuff', what we don't need to move with us, and what I can finally find pride of place for in our new house. This will be perfect to help me through the process, thank you!

  4. I'm wondering if there is anything in this program that would help also with saving too many things on the computer, you know, "for later". Heh.
    And Goddess Jacqui, I believe the program is $35 therefore that would be $5 per 4 weeks.
    I would also be interested to know if there is an option to pay all at once.

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