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  1. I'm glad your little one is feeling better now. It is a relief when you get to the bottom of something like this. Thankfully my little boys are both healthy, except for teething pains with the youngest. We have had one or two mild illnesses along the way, ear infections, colds etc. Even that can be scary! It is very hard to disagree with medical proessionals, afterall they're the professionals and we're just mothers! I have come to the conclusion though that our mothers' instinct is stronger than any training.

  2. Little Fin is looking so healthy now! Look at that precious smile. I'm finding that more and more the medical profession is trusting the mother's instinct (or, at least, the smart ones are). Alison, it was enough that you knew something was up … you could never have known it was coeliacs. You've done well by your babe … No more beating yourself up, ok?

  3. What a cutie. You didn't let Finley down. You kept persisting until you found the answer, and you didn't rush to poke and prod him at the hospital if anything else could possibly be the matter. I think you were superb! And again, what a cutie!

  4. He has got to be the cutest little boy I have ever seen! I love that mop of curls he has….so sweet!
    I am glad he is feeling better. Don't feel so badly about not knowing his ailment. I am a Registered Nurse and when my daughter was five, she was diagnosed with puemonia…….three weeks into the illness! I should have known……..but we are not infallible. Oh yeah, I was also her school nurse and she fell off the slide, fractured her wrist and we did not know THAT until it had healed! Ah, the joys and trials of motherhood! (p.s. I failed to mention that my kiddo was always pretty stoic so the lack of complaints often did not alert me to her ailments);-)

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