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  1. Uh,you should tell him in no uncertain terms that you never want to hear from him again. If he persists, call the police. That is just nutty.

  2. Hi Alison,
    I agree completely with Kim. Tell him that you'll tell your Dad and get the police onto him if he tries to contact you again. Men like that blatantly avoid getting the message because they're so convinced of their own amazing-ness that they can't really believe that you aren't completely bowled over by their attentions. I hope he gets it though and stops bothering you now. And if he doesn't do tell the police. He has no right to be disrupting your life and causing you worry by ringing at unmentionable hours in the night.
    Hope you get rid of the cold too!

  3. I agree with Kim and you could add that a call to his wife just to clarify his non-position in your life might be your next step. Someone so inconsiderate and disrespectful to call you like this and at all odd hours is horrid.

  4. Tell me where he lives… I am scarey at anytime of the day!!!! No-one else is going to hurt you….especially when you have a cold in January!!! Love Barbiexxx

  5. Jeez, give him Mark's number. Tell him since Mark left HIS wife and child, they have a lot in common…and neither of them have YOU.
    Take care of yourself and get well. I worry about you.

  6. Oh what a weirdo. I agree with Kim too. Tell him where to go and if he doesn't get that tell him you're calling the Police. It's just horrible to bother you like that. Hope the cold gets better soon.

  7. Men like him need to be hit over the head. Tell him "DO NOT PHONE ME AGAIN! THERE IS NO HOPE!" then slam down the phone and keep slamming down the phone until he gets the message.

  8. If I were a man I would fall in love with you. Deeply. I can't understand why someone hasn't found you out yet. They don't know what they're missing. Please don't change. You are so love-above-all-lovable.
    E-Mail me if you plan to come to Barcelona.

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