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  1. Ah, you poor dear! You are a trooper and I admire your determination! You have a way of making the most mundane, horrific, or ordinary events come to life. Thanks for a Monday morning smile. Also, thanks for the "Finn Fix"….I have missed the little guy! Kudos to Mark for giving "your" speech its due (I can only imagine how your talents shone in the words he spoke!) Sounds like you had a great time in spite of the crash…just happy no one was injured, other than your pride. Take care of yourself and take a breath…… deserve it.

  2. Well, you won't forget that wedding in a hurry! But it was a good thing you all got there in one piece and your husband's and Finn's performances went well! I love children at weddings! The cake sounded lovely!Glad they both turned out well.

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