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  1. Oh, I so so love this post. And I agree whole heartedly-especially about never ever "settling". And believe it or not, you actually SAVE money by never settling, because you buy EXACTLY what you want and that's it. There is no bigger waste of time, money, and emotions, than getting something with the plan of upgrading at a later time. What a waste. You lose not only the money spent on the original junk, but also lose precious time of enjoyment you get from having the original object of your affections. This applies to everything, from a divinely soft set of sheets to a favorite outfit. Don't settle!!

  2. I love this post! I actually feel happier having read it than I did before 🙂 Thank you. FormSpring asked me a question this morning that said, "If you could wake up as anyone tomorrow, who would it be?" Me, of course! But you're right, maybe my answer should have been, "A better version of me". I'm going to cook a proper dinner tonight!

  3. Oh Thank you Alison!!!! I came home from errands to read your lovely post and in it I read that I could do just one little thing at a time. Not everything at once. Borrowed a cookbook from a friend to make a new list of never before tried recipes. Bought some storage boxes today while out to start sorting pictures for my family and scrapbooks for the girls. Am learning French with my teenager. Just to add 2 cents worth…..How do you eat an elephant? ONE bite at a time! This was a wonderful post. Thank you for the back up encouragement and heres to being a better me! And a better YOU!

  4. Upgrading my life….what a great thought. Will have to ruminate on what exactly I should do for the cause. Am inspired and feel like you've given me a very boosting kick in the pants.

  5. Awesome post. All very, very true. Except for one thing. Milk chocolate rules! There I said it. I'm out of the closet! Love plain choccy in a cake, cookie et., but for sheer comfort and warm fuzziness – only Dairy Milk will do, I'm afraid. 🙂

  6. I always believe in bettering, but sometimes I'm my own worst enemy, because there are so many ways I want to better my life that I grow frustrated I can't do them all. It's hard to have to choose some and leave others behind or wait for them. Patience, I say to myself, patience.

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