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  1. I have been asking that the man of the house looks at our drains as since it's been pouring with rain there seems to have been a bit of a pongy blowback going on. As nothing has been inspected yet I tipped a few drops of peppermint oil down the bath and sink plughole & each time someone uses the sink it's rather pleasant. The peppermint was in the bathroom cupboard anyway coz as soon as the heating goes on then it will go on some cotton wool behind the radiator. Eucalyptus in the teenage son's room, damson in the other bedrooms and the sitting room. I am not keen on scent in the kitchen other than that of the food!

  2. Love this post. At the moment, my house smells of paint, paint and more paint!! Do you make your own linen spray? The lavender and white musk sounds lovely.

  3. great post! I love lavender too! Another tip; I also put a few drops of lavender oil onto cotton wool and put it inside my vacuum cleaner – it kind of 'expels' the scent when you use it 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful post, Alison. Being carried home… I imagine my little boy all grown up and smelling lemons, lavender, or eucalyptus and thinking of mommy filling the house with love. Love lemons in the disposal, and natural lemon oil room spray on the entry rugs and the shower curtain. I have a rather nifty vacuum cleaner and an air cleaner that run on water and I add my lavender and eucalyptus together. I also use this in the bedroom for overnight humidifying, and wake up feeling refreshed. Occasionally, I'll rather use a drop of ylang ylang all by itself as a bit of aphrodisiac. It has a nice warm smell to it.

  5. Since discovering a lovely lavender scented beeswax furniture polish, I've decided to make lavender my *main* scent but also add bergamot. The fun thing about that is that my signature perfume is Shalimar which has top notes of bergamot. And I drink Earl Grey which also contains it. Consistency of the highest order. 🙂

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