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  1. Interesting. Very interesting… I don't know what to believe when it comes to media's treatment of her. Somehow, I believe myself to be an augerer of the gold in her deepest essence, and I simply like her, cash and fear and power and pride–be they as they may… How does that poem go? I think "I glimpsed the pilgrim soul in her"…. now how about that? But I don't think she'll have her beautiful tan animals done away with… Vanity Fair may have decided to leak yet another bit of eccentricity, and I don't think Marhta's above baiting the news a little… She's learned it doesn't matter what you do, the news will print what they want… and actually that it doesn't matter what the news prints, people will believe what they want… Aren't we a quaint species??? And Alison… see you in the dark! What a girl!

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