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  1. Dear Alison, whatever you call the site is fine by me,the content has always been wonderful and inspiring

  2. I think Vintage Housekeeping is a lovely tagline that suits the heart and soul of BrocanteHome, but I still love it when you venture into other realms too! Glad you are back and feeling a bit better Alison. And… I have to say, I would love to see a memoir from you someday. You’ve gone through so much over the years I’ve been reading your blog – and much of what you’ve gone through has been only hinted at, I have the feeling there’s a rich story in you, if you ever want to bring it out. I’d love to see a novel too! Maybe the Bridget Jones of Vintage Housekeepers? Hahaha. If you ever want a beta reader, please call me!

  3. I saw your post about changing it to vintage well-being originally; both are lovely terms, vintage housekeeping and well-being, but if it doesn’t fit with you, in glad you changed it back! Sometimes other people, while convincing, do not always have the right answers/suggestions for us 🙂

  4. Hi Alison, I’m happy whatever you decide to call your lovely site. I’m just so very pleased you have returned to us with your lovely, inspirational words. I do admire the way that you are not afraid to question yourself – as you have with changing the name back to “Vintage Housekeeping” – you are truly authentic! xxx

  5. I prefer Vintage Housekeeping, as I think it is most true to the essence of Brocante Home. Having said that, I love that it is continuing to evolve, and the well being aspect could be thought of as housekeeping for the body.
    Just an aside, is there going to be some info on the forum soon?

  6. I agree with Margaret – whatever you call it is fine with me because I’m here for the long haul and have been since the beginning. Lovely is named so many different ways.

  7. I could not be happier that you are going back to Vintage Housekeeping, which is what got me on board in the first place. I have loved everything you’ve published in the meantime, but I have missed the housekeeping. I hope you are finding peace with your life decisions and that there is brightness ahead. I admire you so much for your tenacity. Thanks for sticking with us!

  8. Doesn’t a vintage home kept according to the principles of vintage housekeeping rather feed into our well being? The satisfaction of a job well done, a peaceful and organised nest and puttery treats as rewards to self (even if only for having got a hot meal on the table after a frazzled week as a working Mum) impact on our well-being and those who share the domicile.
    I like the new header, by the way, and I’m glad you are back on track. Big smiles from Liverpool here!!

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