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  1. I don't get up at 5:45 a.m. for just anything and it was worth it. Gorgeous ceremony, everyone looked amazing, loved the dress (I'll even forgive her for stealing about seventy-five percent of my dream dress), thought the sermon was perfect, wonderful music, and hey– two kisses, no less. Well done!

  2. What delightful news! I actually stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding (Los Angeles time) and it was just gorgeous. Kate's dress was so beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Cannot wait to see what dress you choose, Alison!

  3. So lovely as an expat to hear some real enthusiasm for this wonderful event instead of the thinly veiled envious carping and whining and feigned bored indifference(Nigella s phrase not mine) I m thinking that the british middle class is just saturated with the royals and can t seem to control their exposure to the media, so I ll forgive them just this once but it makes me remember why I fled to the States in the first place.
    I watched the whole thing in my better pair of jammies with tea and toast crumbs everywhere . Saw all the old gang – when did the Duke of E got so old ! Did nt recognize too many of the younger royals as I have been out of the U.K. for thirty years and have to admit I dont really think about them on a year-to-year basis; but knowing they are all their holding the fort is comforting
    I am now spending the weekend in a rosy glow thanks to Windsors and Middletons.

  4. Woah Neddy, hang about now……….. so does this mean you are ENGAGED then????!!!!! You just rather slipped that in there Mrs! Wow, well if that is indeed the case, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Oh, and yes the wedding was perfect, and so much more moving and real somehow for it's (relative) calm and subtlety. I hope Wills and Kate can be allowed to be truly happy and forge a strong love and life together.

    1. Well now Sasha, it seems this is a case of putting the cart before the horse. Richard is talking up this potential engagement a storm, but has not yet proposed!!
      But yep… it's a done deal. Will keep you posted…

  5. How funny, my husband sometimes has whole conversations in his head that he swears blind he has had out loud with me (and hasn't!). Proposal or not, it's such exciting and happy news that you are both 'engaged to be engaged'. My brother and his girlfriend have lived, happily I might add, like this for a good few years though, so come on Richard…….! xxx

  6. Oh my good heavens! I can't wait to see official news! I was so hoping this was on your horizon….happy endings are the very best.
    I don't have a television so I missed the actual wedding but I am watching it slowly on YouTube and digesting it thoroughly with all my loyal Brit-fan friends who all DID watch it live.

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