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  1. Oh how frustrating and, on the other hand, how good to know what the trouble is. Kids bounce back so quickly that I'm certain the mumps won't keep your little one down long. Don't worry about the blog and take care. We'll be right here when you get back.
    Oh, and I daresay that you're no more wicked than the rest of us. ;>

  2. Speedy recovery to Finley! And yes, please don't fret about the blog and your loyal readers, we'll be sending our good energy your way and wishing you well!

  3. Poor Finn! I hope this round finishes them off for him and he NEVER gets it again. At least you still have some weeks before Christmas, by which time he will be better. (Thanks for your email the other day) Gill.

  4. Oh, that's terrible. How the days drag on when you have a sick one on your hands. Speedy recovery the second time around I hope.

  5. Poor little Fin! And poor you, for dealing with another round of sickness. I am thinking with all these sicknesses as a young child, perhaps he'll be a really healthy adult! LOL

  6. Get well soon Finn! At least he didn't get mumps like I did, right after I was potty-trained. Guess who had to be potty-trained all over again? My poor mum. Take care, Alison. It will be over soon.
    Best wishes,
    Anna Marie

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