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  1. So glad you are back to blogging! This was so nice, I read it twice,! You have inspired me to make my own list of things I am looking forward to in Autumn, my favorite season!

  2. Such thoughtful words to welcome the Autumn season. Exactly how I feel about all the things that make Autumn a cozy, lovely time of the year. Your words say it all.

  3. Your beautiful made me yearn for those days to come: much as I love spring and summer, autumn and winter steal my heart. Thank you x

  4. Your description makes me wish I lived in a climate where we had autumn weather like that! (I’m in Florida…we just hope it cools down by Christmas!) Welcome back, I missed reading your posts!
    Giving up drinking is not easy…my DH had to give up all alcohol (and he was a man who definitely enjoyed his beer) for his heart a few years ago, and I did the same to keep him company. Occasionally I miss having a glass of wine, but after almost four years without it I’ve found that if I do have a glass I end up feeling awful.

  5. Sounds delightful! I also am ready , autumn and fall are my favorite seasons. Seasons of calmness after a hot busy summer. I will be cozying up with my grandson and passing on the blessings of the seasons to him. Have a blessed day!

  6. I didn’t think I was ready for Fall. I still have a month left at my beach job. But after reading this beautiful post, I am more than ready.

  7. Thank you for this gift! I thought of you and your puttery treats as I swept my house clean of every cobweb, dust bunny, and sad memory the year has left behind. It’s been a long one and I am glad for crisp mornings trotting off to work at the university and warm sun on my back as I head home to my sweet little one. Long baths, cups of tea and chocolate, fires in the hearth, blankets, snuggly cat and dog, books by lamplight. All good things to all of us.

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