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By Alison April 13, 2016 4 Comments 4 Min Read

I think you all know that I am something of a Lady Geek. In fact let it be known that this is the name I wish to go by from now on. I am geeky and proud.
Which is why the mechanics of blogging have fascinated me as much as the way it enables me to both write and create this lovely community. In fact (whisper it) sometimes I love the mechanics of blogging MORE than I love the writing part simply because picking a new plugin or adding a fancy banner takes less out of me emotionally than truth-telling ever will!
And so allow me to introduce The BrocanteHome Kitchen Table: a new section on the blog designed to both help you create a blog of your own and indulge my rather out of control love of the tools, apps and deliciously useful add-ons we can all use to make life as bloggers less ordinary, easier…

There are four parts to the Kitchen Table…

  1. The Kitchen Table Directory:  a list of over three hundred (and counting!) tools and apps for all your blogging needs divided in to 42 categories, with everything from Etsy tools to stock images and blog monetisation included (the blog income reports are fascinating!)…
  2. The Kitchen Table Facebook Group: a place where we can meet daily, share our blogs and blogging tips, discover useful tools and discuss how we can incorporate blogging as a means of marking memories, into a life already full with family, homemaking and careers. 
  3. The “Recipe Book”: A weekly newsletter with all the tips and tools I have discovered that week, sharing them with you so we can all learn together and grow blogs that sparkle with personality. Sign up at the bottom of this page…
  4. And finally interviews with bloggers just like us: women trying to do it all and do it with the same dedication to creating a really beautiful, meaningful way of life as they have always had. Wanna be featured? Fill in the Contact Page here and I will be in touch…

Best of all? It’s FREE! So do get involved if you have a blog won’t you? It would be so lovely to have you at my Kitchen Table…

So What Does This Mean For BrocanteHome?

Is BrocanteHome changing? Yes and absolutely, NO! Creating a sanctuary for our authentic selves will always, always be my raison d’etre but the blogging landscape and indeed my audience has changed and as a part of my site I simply want to reflect those changes. To acknowledge that more and more of us are pulling up chairs to our own kitchen tables and trying to create blogs businesses that encapsulate our creativity. I want to acknowledge that having a creative life we share with all those with the same interests is a big part of many of the lives of the women who read BrocanteHome and I want to share the routines, rituals and tools that have helped me keep a roof over my head in the ten years after I became a Single Mum. To empower you to do the same…
The Kitchen Table is in fact just one of a number of new ideas I have for Brocantehome now that I have crawled out from under my shell and I am finally ready to embrace my authenticity again, without hiding behind this virtual wall. I want to open up the conversation with webinars and podcasts… to get to know you all. To chat with you in my Facebook groups, and to really hear what it is you are struggling with and how I can help.
So moving forward I want you to look forward to the rejuvenation of the Housekeepers Circle. The new Brocante Living Room that will be arriving in the next few weeks. More about why I am choosing to #Live Clean. A new post schedule, a book club my lovely Mimi will be overseeing and later in the year new books.
There will be things disappearing altogether because they no longer serve me, or bring anything to the site. Other things re-invented for a better BrocanteHome.  So yep there are going to changes but I rather suspect you are going to like them and hopefully the old frustrations of working with a very muddled me will vanish now that I have the support of a team behind me…
This then is Lady Geek signing off: do go have a nice day and I will look forward to chatting to you soon… 
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  1. Jean @ Howling Frog says:

    I can’t get the FB group to load at all. 🙁

    1. Alison May says:

      Oooh that’s very odd Jean: we are there chatting away! Are other Facebook groups working for you?

      1. Yes, I belong to lots of groups! With this, I can’t find it through the link or through search at all, but if I put the group serial number in the search box it shows up as a closed group. No amount of clicking on that will work, though. At best, I get a blank page. This is my profile link–maybe you could be really kind and add me? https://www.facebook.com/dangermom

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