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  1. If my house is clean and tidy my pantry full and I have a vase of flowers by my sink,I feel at peace with the world,my fave treats are a nice glossy magazine and a bar of chocolate!

  2. A bottle of premimium vodka, lashings of fresh pomegranate/raspberry juice, a bathroom full of LUSH bath slices and a looking at my wonderful Portobello market finds.

  3. I have always had this thing about toilet paper. I can be without a gazillion other things but NOT toilet paper. There must be a stockpile of at least 100 rolls or I get anxious. My philosophy is: "When life gives you [poop], then it's your responsibility to buy the toilet paper." In other words, I believe that only I am responsible for my happiness and if there's trouble, then I need to clean up the problem myself.

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