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  1. I told my GP by email that my depression was even worse. He postponed my ‘phone consultation twice then told me that he couldn’t help.
    I am near despair at the moment. My only child is about to go to University for the first time and he’s worried about living with new people and making friends. I have two big health worries at the moment which need specialist intervention. I cannot give up because my son loves me and still needs me. Self care at the moment is chocolate, McDonald’s Big Tasty and coffee.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. Thank you, Alison – as we Quakers say – “Friend speaks my mind”. I am tired of everything being so EARNEST. I feel like every decision I make from purchasing dish soap to getting some work done in the house to wearing nail polish are all catastrophically important because I will harm the environment/become a hoarder instead of a minimalist because I want new cupboards/kill myself and my family because I do an at-home gel manicure/mismanage my time because Midsomer Murders is far more important to me than spending an evening after work making my house perfect.
    Self-care is not smug, judgmental, or cruel. Self-care gets us through the day. After a few months of severe hot flashes that are only now responding to medication, I can say for sure that self-care was a warm shower in the evening, an ice pack before bed, and a cup of coffee brought to me by my husband in the morning. Housework, exercise, reading were all a moot point.
    Paula, shout at your GP/Nurse, etc as loud as you can – become the squeaky wheel. I had to do that for my own issues. Depression treatment cannot be delayed. Call every single day if you must – or if you have someone to do that for you – let them. Reach out to a friend and tell them you need them to do this and trust me, they will. I hope you get the help you need. Stay strong.

  3. I don ‘t think I have EVER had a post hit so close to home and mean so much!! Thank you for saying what we cannot find the words to say.

  4. Fabulous post Alison, but my main reason for commenting is in the hope of reaching out to Paula Jones – as a GP I advise you to contact your surgery again & ask to speak to the practice manager, if you get no joy escalate a complaint. I know how difficult this is when you are feeling low but it is important that you are supported. At our practice we have worked throughout the pandemic – face to face – but I know some practices are using the pandemic to fob their patients off which is not acceptable. Apologies if this sounds a little preachy, but your health really must come first.

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