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  1. Your writing to us is your happy place and my reading here is my happy place! I am so grateful that you are continuing to make our lives better/happier even though the going is sometimes rough. Keep Calm and Continue On!

  2. Welcome back! Thank you so much for making the blog easier to navigate, try as I might I’d been struggling with the previous incarnation. Sending love and peace to you all x (and still not quite comprehending how Finn is 18…)

    1. I’m so glad its easier for you… Im making it my business to keep things simple, so be sure to shout if I start muddling things up again!
      And yep 18… how fast these years have gone. (He’s till my baby though…)x

  3. So pleased that you are able to continue with our great adventure here. Myself, I probably would have wrung my hands, pulled out what’s left of my hair, and said “I can’t do this anymore.” But you are STRONG, an example and reminder to all here that we can do what we must when we love others. That’s my conclusion, anyway; coming from a soul that loves all things romantic and kind and beautiful.
    As I wrote this, I had a mostly unrelated question: What exactly does “when needs must” mean and what is its origin? (I read it in a Harlequin novel. 🙂)

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