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  1. My black cat, Boo, went missing last winter for three weeks! 80 below wind chill too. He strolled in one day like no big deal. Did it twice!(yes, he’s neutered) Its not the dang pets that need nine lives its their owners! I pray he returns or is returned soon. But not before he poops on the neighbors stoop 🙂 And sending big hugs and deep breaths across the pond to you.

  2. Oh dear! Could she be in someone’s shed or garage perhaps? We had a cat that went missing for a few weeks,totally out of character,but had been in a garage and the owners went on holiday,hurry home Alice!

  3. My cat often disappears for a few days then wanders in demanding Whiskers. Hoping she returns soon having made a deposit in the neighbours’ flowerbeds xx

  4. So sorry to hear your kitty is missing. My darling Kitty Kat was missing one time for five days and was locked in the neighbors garage. I was worried sick about her. I, too, drove around looking for her, calling her, and shaking the cat food box out the window. I just knew she was dead. I was so relieved when we found her. I hope and pray your kitty comes home safe and sound!

  5. You poor thing! Hoping and praying Alice turns up safe and sound very soon. It is possible she may have got shut in someone’s shed or garage. Your neighbours sound horrible, but surely they wouldn’t object to you checking in outbuildings?

  6. Oh dear! Having becoming “Mom” to three kittens in the past 18 months I know how dear these cats become to us. How full of worry you must be. Don’t give up hope though as cats are very resourceful and may just be wandering and finding her way back to you.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. Just when you think things MUST be on the upturn, something else happens, and when a dear pet is in trouble it’s heartbreaking.

  8. I’m afraid cats do that. I’ve had them go for as long as six weeks and then literally strut back in your life again. I’m sorry. I’ve been there…out calling and crying… And the cat in question probably sitting ten feet from you… They don’t deserve our love, but oh, how I love cats… Good luck. Love you.

  9. I have had same as others cats go off then return as if nothing has happened and just occurred today ! After me fretting for days. Good luck hun. I know they often get locked in garages or sheds.
    Sending all good vibes your way for a safe return.

  10. Oh, I know how this feels! I have a sweet black kitty named Goblin and I’d be frantic if she went missing. But like the others who posted, I have other cats who wandered off (these are house cats, mind you) and strolled back home with no further ado, properly ungrateful that I fell upon them crying with relief. Please keep us updated!

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