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  1. This was so absolutely fantastic. MORE like this please! I love reading about your day. I read every single word, which I rarely do on a blog!

  2. I am exhausted just reading about your day but he does look so darling all snuggly and gorgeous in his white towel with his bear. Rachael

  3. Sounds pretty normal to me. Of course, I don't waste my time with salmon. Go straight for the party sized sugar cookie frosted with cream cheese and adorned with slices of strawberries and grapes. It's a little bit healthy. And your life is too. Blessings… Polly

  4. Have to delurk and tell you this made me smile so much. I have 3 boys, I recognise so much of what you write although my days do include unfathomable amounts of lego.

  5. thanks for a good laugh.. I could use it. Just found out my teenager left school two days early last week. Don’t worry things just get more complicated as they get older…sigh

  6. sounds about right , for any parent of a small child-
    we all deluded ourselves at one time-
    now we know better,
    real life-messy as it is , is far better-

  7. Yep, even as a mum of twin girls, your day sounds similar to mine – constant picking up, putting away, preparing meals and cleaning up after, dashing around to kindergarten, fitting in the ‘mundane’ jobbies around everything else, and trying to sneak in a few wee unordinary pleasures. But I’m trying to enjoy it all anyway, because they won’t be little for long! Maybe we can engage in some of that genteel darning once the kids go to school?

  8. I am so curious about the false eyelash appointment! Is this something not offered in America?!
    And, I think your sweet guy looks like a little Antonio Banderas!! Watch out, girls!!

  9. Yep – this is absolutely normal! And, admit it, just a little bit fun?! I have both worked and been a stay at home Mum – and I tell you, compared to being shut in an office with a bunch of boring individuals with the same old same old every day, I know I prefer the unpredictability of a day as a SAHM any day! You can’t beat being your own boss – (psst – secretly, within a certain remit, we can plan our day as we like really…..)and you wouldn’t get the chance to flirt with handsome neighbours elsewhere now would you?!
    Keep regailing us with your tales of daily life – love it!

  10. PS: Alison, I have just noticed from the photo that you have EXACTLY the same wall colour as in my lounge! And I too have used deep red (a la your sofa?) as the accent colour!

  11. You have to write that book, Allison!
    I love reading about your adventures, and having been a single stay at home Mum with a son I identify completely! Mine is now nearly 17 though, so have been back at work a while and finally getting my life back! So hang in there, it does happen! I kinda miss the old life though…….

  12. Alison, I don’t read too many lists, but yours are fascinating. How’s the book coming?

  13. Sounds normal to me.. . or at least as normal as we would want… Did you ever beg God for ho hum? Nope… didn’t think so… That lovely little Finley. How I’d love to have spoiled him rotten through these years… So was that the name of the cookbook you got? Did my gift arrive? ???????

  14. It sounds like BLISS to me!! I have 18 and 15 yr old boys that don’t need a “mommy” hardly at all. Add being stuck in an office all day in front of a computer, dealing with complaining and whining grown-ups, I’d trade with you any day of the week 🙂 keri

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