Why Don't You?

By Alison September 17, 2018 4 Comments 3 Min Read

Created in the spirit of Diana Vreeland who ran a darling little column called “Why Don’t You?” in Harpers Bizarre, I bring you a new weekly feature – seven teeny little somethings to do to make life that little bit less ordinary…

On Monday…

Decide to do the 5:2 Financial Diet: spend nothing at all on five out of seven of the days of the week: strictly banning yourself from impromptu takeout coffee’s and bought on a whim little somethings, then satisfy your need to treat yourself only on the days you have chosen as “spend” days. In this way you will teach yourself not to fritter money while also experiencing the joy of anticipating a purchase all over again. Self-control feels good, don’t you know?

On Tuesday…

Download the “Candide” app and start “social gardening” – socialise with garden lovers in your community or from across the world, learn more about plants, find garden centres and share the joy of gardening. Learning while you socialise is a life less ordinary win…

On Wednesday…

Bake a little bit of Autumn just before the kids get home then serve them  with warm, milky tea only to those who have hung up their school uniform and changed into snuggly Jim-Jams.

On Thursday…

Start slowly drying orange slices so that  you can create garlands of fragrant orange and crispy Autumn leaves to add just that little bit more cozy to your living room aka Maude Smith’s gloriously shabby library

On Friday…

Tell the family you “vant to be alone” and retreat upstairs with a warm cup of proper cocoa to read “The Silent Companions” – a gloriously atmospheric Victorian ghost story that will have you shivering under the blankets.

On Saturday…

Follow Stephen L Lizotte on Facebook and try to see your own beauty in his gorgeous words.

On Sunday…

Create a new journaling ritual: while keeping a meaningful diary daily might be a big ask, committing to writing just one page, once a week might just be the perfect way to capture the ebb and flow of your life and help you to get a grip on the week ahead.  If you make it part of your Sunday evening planning routine you can think of it then as saying goodbye to the week just gone.
Have a lovely week Housekeepers!


  1. Kathy says:

    Love this. Such a sweet way to have treat to focus on each day

  2. Gill says:

    Lovely new feature:)

  3. Carol-Anne Powell says:

    Love these! Looking forward to more.

  4. Carol-Anne Powell says:

    Love these! Looking forward to more.

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