Why I’m Giving Away Everything I Have Ever Created for Just 99.00 Per Year!

By alison November 25, 2022 10 Min Read

Brocantehome turned 18 last week and I quite forgot to mention it, because in my perpetual muddle I would frankly forget to put my teeth in if they weren’t firmly rooted in my over-mouthy gob.

Eighteen years of frills and Finn and stress and frolics and lavender and laundry! How in the name of all things heckity pie have you been putting with me? And hells bells what would I have done without you? You have been a pebble beach full of the rocks I have at times so desperately needed.

There have been endless ups, long periods of lovely contented domestic bliss and of course far too much sadness, but all of it adds up to a life I do not for a moment regret because when we do not take chances, throw caution to the wind, stand up for those we love or endure their pain, neither do we challenge ourselves, ride the waves of real joy, dare to dream or live a life less ordinary!

I don’t regret a moment and along the way I truly hope you have found within the many pages of BrocanteHome both joy and inspiration for a life less ordinary of your own. It really has been my life’s work to make it so, and such an absolute pleasure to receive all your lovely messages as we have trundled through this online life together.

So, is this goodbye? Has BrocanteHome come of age and found herself ready to fly our virtual nest? No. But she is ready to declare herself ready for a renaissance of sorts. To embrace creative freedom! To wrap up what has gone before into one beautiful parcel in order to make space for all that she is dreaming of being!

Today then, I bring you an invitation to join my LIBRARY!

While I have long been offering monthly subscriptions, the world has changed and so many of us can no longer afford even the smallest of monthly luxuries, as we funnel every spare penny towards keeping the lights on and the fridge stocked with rationed egsgs (I mean heavens, what is the world coming to when eggs are being rationed??). Life isn’t what it was, and as a teeny business in a life with shifting foundations of its own, it is important that I both adapt to the shifts in our little online society and reflect what I see in terms of a much-changed market.

So, from today, I am inviting you to join my LIBRARY – everything I have EVER created (including everything in my Etsy shop!!), all my courses, including all habit-coaching courses to be completed in 2023 and beyond, all downloads, bossy-boots inspiration, recipe packs and oooh just about EVERYTHING you have ever heard me talk about in the past eighteen years! Over $2000 of lovely Brocante inspiration for just $99.00 a year or $299.00 for a lifetime (NEVER pay again! Those who are currently Lifetime members will tell you what incredible value it is!). Get your card today!!


I know there is an absolute TON of advice and guides and printables available to you online these days so The LIBRARY exists to hush the noise, provide specific advice I KNOW works because it has been key to both my own HEART, HOME. BODY and SOUL transformation and given me the resilience and strength to cope with all that life tends to start chucking at us women of a certain age.

My work is specific, guided and utterly open to your own authentic interpretation. You can cherry pick what applies to YOUR life right now – whether that means losing weight (I have recently lost 66 pounds and I KNOW what works!), giving the house a top to bottom scrub or deciding what YOU want out of this life!

So, there are habit coaching courses, to help you create habits specific to your way of life AND the woman you want to be. Longer, ongoing courses to help you battle clutter, find your Muse, and coming in 2023, learn to blog (I’ve been doing it 18 years and know a thing or two!). There are workbooks, short challenges to help you create a less toxic home and body, DONE-FOR=YOU Trello boards, specific recommendations for meditation, reading, and yoga for beginners and those who see such things as beyond their capabilities (trust me, if I can, you can!) and a whole host of lovely Brocante printables, seasonal guides and so much more all in one place!

And it won’t stop there: this year I have invested in training to become an integrative nutritionist and I will continue to invest in working with qualified coaches to keep bringing you more and more useful and inspirational advice, co-produced workbooks and so much more – all with a sprinkle of puttery, Brocante loveliness!

In short EVERYTHING you need to fine tune a truly lovely, healthy productive life!

Does This Mean i won’t be creating anything new?

Absolutely not, Never! Nada! What I intend to create is a virtual library full of inspiration for HEART, HOME, BODY and SOUL. A place you can pop into and take whatever inspiration, instruction or printable you desire so that slowly but surely you are fashioning and refining your own life less ordinary. Without me bossily telling you what you should do next according my my own slightly mad timetable! A place I will keep filling with loveliness as the years go by. A place to honour eighteen years of BrocanteHome and a neat and welcoming container for all I add to it in the coming years.

However, what I will be doing is something I am calling RENAISSANCE in 2023, alongside the LIBRARY – something new to reflect who I am now, that will exist quite separately to the LIBRARY, and may not necessarily appeal to those not at my stage of life.


If you are already a monthly member, don’t worry you CAN keep your monthly subscription if that is the more affordable option for you: I simply won’t be offering any NEW monthly subscriptions. And, of course, if you want to move to the new ANNUAL Library ticket, you simply need to let me know and we will work it out between us!


YUP. All of it. Including the brand new revised edition of The Creative Home Spa! And ALL my Christmas printables!! But that really is only the beginning. While Etsy houses my printables, my membership offers so much more you probably aren’t aware of – with everything from wellbeing challenges and homemaking timetables, to the EXTENSIVE Brocante Bootcamp, and other in-depth courses, workbooks and printables. Because BrocanteHome isn’t a website, it’s a way of life!


As The LIBRARY is going to be housed once again in Kajabi, the community too will re-open there in January for LIBRARY CARD HOLDERS only. This is mostly to do with keeping BrocanteHome sustainable as costs have been rising keeping the site online and I need to make sure that it is viable in all our years to come, so streamlining is the answer.


Subscribe today and you will discover immediate access to The Life Book with ALL my Etsy Printables in one place. Then come December 1st, the LIBRARY will be launched and all manner of Brocante joy will open up inside your own Library. Though just the Printables (again just the start of ecverything!) are worth more than the Library ticket fee alone!


Nothing! Hang tight! Your old Kajabi account is still open, but I will be in touch over the next week to help you make the transition, so please don’t panic if you have forgotten your password.


Yes. It will go up annually for new subscribers but YOU will lock in the annual subscription at $99.00 for ever if you buy this year! You will also be able to manage your own account within the LIBRARY, so rest assured if you don’t want to renew next year, you will be able to cancel easily.


Because BrocanteHome is eighteen and it’s time to give something back to those who support everything I do in all the ways they can, during what is rapidly becoming a more complicated life for all of us. I am so grateful to those who have paid more over the years but for BrocanteHome to survive it has to reflect the changing financial landscape and I want to be able to shift what I have so far taught to reflect who I am now and streamline my workload – hence The LIBRARY was born.

As you will know if you read the blog, my own life has been turned on its head this year, and I have a new one I need to steady if, like you, I intend to step out of my own shadow – so this means making necessary change, taking the pressure off and sparking the kind of fresh joy I need to step into this new era of my life.

(Again, if I can, YOU can!)


The LIBRARY officially opens on December 1st, but when you subscribe today you will get instant access to the LifeBook, so you can get started creating your own planner and working through some of the workbooks so you can decide what you want 2023 to bring… then when December 1st arrives, you will log into your account and fine EVERYHING available to you and yours for the taking! And come January, our lovely community will re-open




I’m so looking forward to welcoming you inside and as always so very grateful for all your support over the years.

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