Wickedly Perfect

By Alison August 20, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


If you were thinking of calling on us this afternoon, don’t. Mark and I have got a date with the TV.

While searching for something decent to watch amongst the usual Friday night dross, we happened across the Uk airing of "Wickedly Perfect" and quickly found ourselves wickedly hooked, such was our horror at the hideous fruit wreaths these so called "stylemakers" dreamt up!!

While last nights show was the fifth in the series, Living 2 is showing the first four episodes back to back this afternoon, and while dear Joan Lumden isn’t quite either the Donald or indeed Martha Stewart, this programme is the Apprentice for HomeMakers and that makes it deliciously watchable…

Pity I already know who wins…

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  1. Savannah says:

    Oh, Alison, how lucky to be able to watch those episodes back to back. I had to wait and wait through the whole thing and then finally see the disappointing (to me)ending. I think I'd have enjoyed it more if I had known who won all along. I especially enjoyed that and I'm hoping Martha Stewart's Apprentice will be as much fun. Have a great day!

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