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  1. Well, I hear you sister!! Lighting is one of my secret obsessions too (I say secret because until this post I have never met anyone else for whom it has even been a conversation before!). For goodness knows what reason when we moved into our house (desperately in need of the 4.5 year total renovation it finally received from us…) every single room was awash with horrible ceiling spotlights – and I mean EVERY room! Needless to say they were removed pronto! In their stead vintage chandeliers, french wall sconces and lamps lamps lamps! Everything is on dimmers, fairy lights adorn all the French door frames (in fact, any frames round the house!) and we even have a chandelier in the cloakroom! And I could not live without candles in the evenings, all year round, scented for the seasons! And lets not forget the outside, where there are lights on timers and fairy lights all year round too! I am known for my twinkling lights – nothing creates a warm cosy home quite like the lighting, you are quite right Alison! x

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