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  1. That was lovely and rings very true to me. However, please forgive me, but before I could digest those thought provoking words, I had to get over the picture at the top of the post; what is that woman thinking? How about; "Now I know why Patience Strong was called "Patience"."

    1. Oh lol! I chose the image because violets have a long history of symbolising "rememberance"- but you are right: the expression on her face does beg a few questions!

  2. Great post!!! I have tried to steer clear of all of the ceremonies and such today. I remember the day so clearly. I also decided to have a baby after that. That was my thing. It was my first baby. I had already made the decision, but the attacks made me more determined. Since I saw the positive pregnancy test I have been trying to secure my home. After hurricane Katrina, I did the same thing. It seems disasters of any kind bring out this instinct in women to provide a refuge, a home.

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