Women’s Weekly: The Pantry

By alison January 24, 2023 1 Min Read

Today I bring you the next in my series of little domestic ditties from the oh so lovely 1935 edition of The Woman’s Weekly Bedside Book, this one casting a contented eye on the blessings to be found in an old-fashioned pantry. Oh for the absolute bliss of a walk-in-pantry to putter in, though I rather love the idea of my whole kitchen having its own sense of law and order don’t you?

The Pantry

There’s such a mingled sweetness within my pantry door, from the the bunch of herbs above my head to the breadpan on the floor. And its slow, cool air refreshes me like steady, loving arms — oh, my little, well-stocked pantry is full of unguessed charms.

I slip into my pantry when I’m feeling restless and upset, there’s a special sort of solace there, that I can always get. There’s a quiet law and order like a pattern on each shelf, and it seems to readjust the moods that whirl within myself.

There seems to spread a quietude about my tired mind, that makes the world outside seem a little less unkind, when I’m standing in my pantry with its purpose and repose. What I’d do without its refuge, why, goodness only knows!

Jean Morton: Woman’s Weekly Bedside Book, 1935.

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