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  1. And this, this is so very truth. This is why I’ve stuck with our “friendship”, our together-ups-and-downs, our sometimes-faltering-sometimes-soaring for all of these years.
    Thank you.

  2. Well said! So many truths in your words. I shall read bits of this again over the coming days so that all this can really “sink” in to my psyche. Thank you.

  3. my truth ….. 45 daughter, sister, wife, mother, recovering from alcohol, recovering from drugs and in the middle of an affair just like you describe. Thank you, i am doing my best, i am ok
    L x

  4. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Alison! These are words I wish I had penned to paper because they are MY thoughts and feelings…..which we must leave behind and carry on. Looking out for ourselves and those we love and helping other people, other families, other mothers,other grandmothers, other women! I will save these words you have written to read over again when I’m feeling glorious and when I’m feeling unworthy…a disappointment. I will tell myself I’m doing the best I can in this current situation that will not last forever! This too shall pass and the sun will rise again.This is the truth. Thank you sister.

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