You Really Are Delicious!

One of my friends has the most wonderful manners. The hostess gifts she brings to my occasional soirees are always guaranteed to make my evening something kind of wonderful. But more than that- without fail everytime she eats at my house,  by the very next morning there will be a  scrumptious little note or card saying Thank You for a lovely evening or “those sugared tomatoes were heavenly…” .
She is kind, thoughtful and above all else polite. And manners  matter don’t they?
So I have created a little “Thank You Hostess ” card.  With a simple thank you on the front, the card features  the greeting, “You Really Are Delicious” inside and is intended for those whom, their company you would not be without…
Tie it with a cream ribbon and let those you love know how much their efforts mean to you…
Available  as a note or greeting card from just  $2.49  plus worldwide delivery…

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  1. I purchased a couple of these and a couple of the Brocante B ones, and I love love loved them. I am glad you created them, and they so remind me of you!

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